What Is A Sorority?

What is a sorority…big mansions, high heels and thick strands of pearls?

The majority of people may say this description defines your stereotypical American sorority. However, sororities can be far different from what Hollywood portrays them to be.

These groups dedicate themselves a high set of moral values, sisterhood and service to their communities.

Want to know more about what is a sorority? Read here to find out.

What Is A Sorority?


During the 1800s male fraternities came into existence. These groups were mostly found on institutes of higher education, with each organization sharing a different set of values and interests.

In 1851, the first sorority was founded at Wesleyan Female College. The Adelphean Society, now commonly known as Alpha Delta Pi, was the first secret society for women. The organization caught interest of many other females who then created their own societies.

The tradition of the sorority was born.

Sororities, now found on hundreds of campuses across the United States, bring young college women together through the bonds of sisterhood.

At most universities, several sororities are represented. This allows potential new members to find a group that they share common interests with.

These organizations have their own set of Greek letters symbolizing tradition. Each group also has a different set of beliefs and values, often created by their founding members.

To join a sorority, PNMs (or Potential New Members) go through a recruitment process, which usually lasts a couple days to a week. This allows both the PNMs and the sororities to narrow down their choices, which depends on compatibility.

Many people tend to think a sorority consists of a large group of girls who just spend a lot of time with each other. However, there is a lot more that goes into being a part of a sorority than you may know.


Philanthropy is active effort to promote human welfare (Source: Marriam-Webster’s Dictionary). Each national sorority supports a different philanthropic cause. Whether it is fighting disease, supporting another foundation or helping those in need, sororities put on various events and fundraisers to raise money and spread awareness on their philanthropy.

Sororities also come together to help support and make a difference within their community.


One of the most important aspects of joining a sorority is sisterhood. These women create a close bond equivalent to what some girls may have with a group of high school friends or sports team.

Sororities celebrate their sisterhood through ritual, fun events and working together to make a difference.

Greek Unity

Joining a sorority does not mean you are solely committed to one group. Many sororities and fraternities join together to plan different events and fundraisers.

One of the biggest events that represent Greek unity is Greek week. During this time, sororities and fraternities are paired together and compete in a variety of games against each other.

Despite the competition, the organizations usually agree on a cause or foundation to support and raise money for throughout the week.

Becoming a part of Greek life allows you to meet people from every sorority and fraternity on campus.

As a member of the Greek community at my university, I can say my decision to join a sorority has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have made.

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