What Should I Go To College For?

At a young age, people can’t wait to grow up. Children dream of becoming a firefighter, teacher and sometimes even a rocket scientist. A person’s aspirations are likely to change from childhood to their college years, though, and suddenly they don’t want to grow up so fast.

Maybe at one time they wanted to be a police officer and wear that shiny badge or become an actor and be the leading role in the next big movie, but once they’re a high school upperclassman, reality hits. This is the time when students should start thinking seriously about their future.

Some students may find their passion early on, while others may not feel comfortable settling on a specific career path right away. But what happens when the time comes and students have to declare a major and they’re still unsure?

If you haven’t been able to narrow down the career path you want to follow, I highly recommend choosing a major that will be useful in a number of careers. The following are five majors that will be helpful in a wide array of job positions.

  • Business administration

Business administration is definitely a popular major. Business encompasses several areas including finance, marketing, accounting and human resources. A business administration degree will help students learn the ins and outs of budgeting, organization and management. Chances are students will go into an industry where they are working for a company, enabling them to apply what they’ve learned in studying business. With a business administration degree, a student can’t go wrong.

  • Education

Whether or not students are completely set on teaching right after graduating college, getting experience in education can be helpful. Many people find themselves teaching later on life, regardless of the career they’ve had prior. Becoming a teacher in the future gives students the opportunity to pass on the knowledge they’ve acquired in the career path they chose to follow after college. If there’s even the slightest chance a student will want to teach in the future, they should consider a degree in education, whether it’s a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  • Communication studies

Communicating is another thing many people do on an everyday basis. In many careers, employees have to communicate with others. With a degree in communication studies, students will learn the various methods of communication and how people interact. This will help students in their future career, regardless of if they have a concrete idea of what they want to do after graduation. A degree in communication studies will especially be beneficial when looking into a career in business, teaching, public relations or politics.

  • English

Reading and writing are common things people do everyday, whether they realize it or not. Students will come in contact with concepts taught in English throughout their life. An English degree is highly beneficial for any potential career field. If I hadn’t have chosen to major in journalism, I would have majored in English. Granted, I love to read and write, but a degree in English is a great field of study in general.

  • Psychology

Psychology is a great major for students wanting to learn how people react to certain things and why. This major encompasses various things such as how the mind operates, personality, perception and cognition. In almost any career, people will be working together so having knowledge of how the human brain operates and how people operate in general will be beneficial.

If you’re not set on a field of study, don’t choose a major based solely on the fact that you got a good grade in the subject in high school. If you can’t find something you absolutely love, find a major that you can apply to a multitude of careers.

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