What Should My Major Be?

Obviously this is a question that every student needs to have answered at some point.

At first, it’s fine if you don’t know what major you want to do, you can go into college with an undeclared major. But at some point, you will have to know what you want to major in.

My major is Journalism. I have always known that I was going to be a Journalism major ever since I was in middle school. Here are some things that made me choose a Journalism major when I was considering what should my major be that you can use to determine what you want to major in.

Your Passion

My belief is that you should love what you do. So make sure your college major in an area you’re passionate about!

Middle school was when I became a diehard fan of the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. At that time, both teams sucked. To the point where it was almost embarrassing to call myself a fan of both teams.

Seventh grade was when my English teacher assigned a lot of writing assignments. I always found a way to incorporate the 49ers and Giants into my writings, whether it was me being mad at the 49ers ownership to chronicling how the Giants came just a little bit short of the playoffs in 2005 when Barry Bonds came back from injury.

It was during this time that I knew I wanted to involved in writing to express my opinions on my sports teams, and the best way to do that was by being a journalist. At the time I actually REALLY wanted to be the General Manager of the Giants. (Especially since I wasn’t a fan of Brian Sabean then, the Giants current general manager, but now I have enormous respect for him).

Being a Journalism major was the best way to accomplish the goal. Even if the GM job didn’t work out, then the thought of being a sportswriter and following around my favorite team sounded like heaven.

Eighth grade was when I became immersed into music as well, especially when I became a gigantic fan of The Who. (whom I just saw on February 1st. Most. Incredible. Experience. Ever.) Then I wanted to use the Journalism major to write concert and album reviews.

And then in my sophomore year in high school, I became passionate about politics during the 2008 election. I wrote my first political opinion column making the case for John McCain in that election. From thereon out, I became known as the conservative columnist of my school and to this day my goal is to become a conservative political pundit.

The bottom line is that as you can see between my passions- sports, music and politics- the best outlet for me to channel these passions was by being a Journalism major. I’m a very opinionated person after all. Whatever your passion is, find the best major for your passion.


Yes I know this sounds greedy, but most people after all want to achieve the American Dream (as do I- I’m a very ambitious person.) So after figuring what best fits your passion, go for the concentration and/or shoot for the job that can make at least a decent living, if not one that’s very lucrative.

A Journalism major is not a very good investment moneywise. In fact, it always ranks #1 in majors least likely to get a job after college. That’s ultimately what made me decide I wanted to go into radio, a more lucrative job. Thus, I choose a broadcast concentration.

And just as an aside- I don’t want to do it just for the money. I actually have developed a passion for it, especially since my heroes are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. But it was the want for money that first made me want to get into radio.

So overall, those are my suggestions as to things to consider when you ask yourself, what should my major be.  Find what bests fits your passion, and figure out the best way to use that passion to make the most money.

I know some of you may not agree with me, and that’s okay. You can find varying opinons on this topic in the College Majors section on this website.

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Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler

Aaron Bandler is a sophomore at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo pursuing a Journalism major and an Economics minor. Aaron's main passion is politics. As a staunch conservative Republican, he advocates for conservatism every day of his life. Aaron is also an avid sports fan who passionately follows the San Francisco Giants and 49ers. Outside of sports and politics, Aaron enjoys playing guitar and listening to classic rock music like The Who and Led Zeppelin as well as hanging out with family and friends.
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