What To Do At A College Where There’s Nothing To Do

I attend the University of California Davis, and the biggest misconception about my school is that there’s nothing to do here! People write-off UCD as a “cow-town”, because of it’s agricultural history and somewhat isolated location. It’s stereotype as a boring school in the middle of nowhere deterred me from placing it as one of my top university choices when I was thinking about which schools I wanted to attend.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my time here, it’s that college (and life) is what you make of it! In some colleges, the entertainment comes to you, either because of their location or prestige or size. However, other schools require you to put a little more effort, which is totally fine, because you appreciate the good times more!

1) Join an organization, or create one. Joining a campus organization is one of the easiest way to enhance your social life. There are tons of clubs out there, each one catering to a wide variety of interests. If you like to cook, you can join a cooking club; if you’re into extreme sports, you can join an outdoor club; if you’re interested in politics, you can join a political club. The great thing about clubs is that they usually have events and workshops for you to participate in and allow you to meet people that have similar interests as you. If you don’t find an organization that suits your personality and interests, you can always create one.

2) Take a class on something interesting/new. If there’s “nothing to do” at your school, why not use your extra time to learn something different and interesting? It does not have to be a class offered at your university, but can also be one offered locally. For example, in my college town, different businesses offer cool classes such as kickboxing, yoga, and horseback riding lessons.

3) Branch out, look around. If you’re really convinced that you can’t find a single way to entertain yourself on campus or locally, you can always hop in the car or on the train or bus and see what neighboring cities have to offer. When Davis feels a little to “blah”, I can visit Sacramento or San Francisco or Berkeley, which are nearby cities with a lot of things to do.

4) Volunteer. There are few things better to do with your free time than to make a positive change. No matter where you are, there is always some way you can help out. Keep your eyes and ears open for volunteer opportunities and take advantage of them. Not only will they keep you occupied, but they’ll also look great on your resume and leave you feeling happy to have made a difference.

5) Host an event. It can be small, like a get-together with your friends or a slumber party (yes, college students can have slumber parties), or it can be big like a cultural extravaganza through an org that you’re affiliated with. If there’s nothing to do, why not create something that others can enjoy as well?

Don’t be put off by schools that seem to not have much going on. It’s more about the people than the place, and you have the power to make your college experience whatever you want it to be!

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Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga

Pamela Nonga is a second year at the University of California Davis double majoring in Political Science and Communications. When she’s not theorizing about the greater meaning behind her day-to-day experiences on her blog, you can find her on a run, enjoying a blend of the outdoors and her favorite tunes. Pamela loves to read, write, and travel, and hopes to work in the fields of Journalism and Media as a career.
Pamela Nonga

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