What to Do When You Sleep Through Your 8am Class

It happens. That alarm goes off and you hit snooze 6 times and then eventually, accidentally turning it off. Before you know it, your roommate is yelling at you to wake up for lunch. Here is what to do if you have missed your 8am.

Don’t panic. It happens to almost everyone at least once. One time is okay but don’t make this a regular habit. First things first call or text your friend from class and ask them what you have missed. If it was just a normal day of note taking and lecture, breathe in a sigh of relief and schedule a meet up to get the notes from your friend.

If you find out that you have in fact missed quiz or special assignment contact your professor immediately. Sending an email or calling is okay but professors don’t want to hear your excuse along with the dozens of others. For best results visit your professor immediately, preferably the same day during their office hours face to face. Be honest and upfront with your professor and let them know that you have missed their class by accident. It is up to you and your best judgment if you want to tell them you slept through their class or that you simply were ‘unable to make it’.

Apologize and assure them that this won’t happen again. Ask for a chance to make up the quiz or if it is possible to gain the points back that you missed by doing an extra project. Some professors will give you a chance and others will not. If they choose not to give you a chance it’s okay, don’t panic. Chances are that this one quiz or assignment is not that heavily weighted to affect your grade that drastically.

Just try your hardest to attend every class and perform to your best ability to keep your grades in check. Missing class if part of the college experience, but don’t blow it off. Come finals you will regret missing that class to watch marathon re-runs of your favorite television show.

College is expensive and is something that most people do not get to experience, so go to class and learn a lot. Have fun and make the most of your education!

Guest Post: Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of http://www.nannypro.com/.

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