What to Wear On Your Graduation Day (Girl Edition)

Now that graduation day is coming upon many high school students, some of you might be worrying about what to wear underneath that long graduation robe.  Here are some tips on how to look your best on your biggest high school day.

  • Fun, Flirty Dress

Because the graduation robe will cover you past your knees, many people think it doesn’t matter what you wear underneath.  But after you’ve walked the stage, many girls choose to unzip their gowns for easier walking and photos.  Wear a fun sundress underneath.  Something where the hem doesn’t pass your robe but still long enough to be modest.  That way, if you don’t have time to change before dinner or other events you might have after graduation, you’ll still look cute!

  • Make Up

Keep your make up neutral and natural.  Graduation day isn’t the day to try on a new make up look.  You want your photos to be a reminder of who you were during graduation, not who you wanted to be or who you were pretending to be.  Use a base to stop your face from reflecting in the sun and use natural gloss instead of bright lipstick to bring out your natural hues.  The goal is look your best, not to look like someone.  Enhance your natural features and don’t try and make yourself look any different.

  • Comfy Heels

You may think your walk across the stage may be quick and easy but there’s a lot of walking you’ll do in between and a lot of standing during pictures.  Finding a pair of heels that are comfortable can take a little time so get started shopping early before the graduation rush starts.

  • Hair

You’ll be wearing your graduation cap for most of graduation.  Wearing your hair up could potentially make you look bald for your pictures unless you have bangs in the front.  Straightening or curling your hair while leaving it down can prove to be a nice touch to your graduation photos.

  • Accessories

Your gown will hide many of your accessories but that’s not to say you can’t invest in some bracelets or necklaces that will be seen after your gown comes off for dinner.  Keep the jewelry light because you don’t want to take away from your cap and gown but it’s a nice place to add pop and color on your otherwise monochromatic cap and gown combo.  Go for simpler bands and chain necklaces as opposed to the long feather earrings and chunky bracelets.

  • Bobby Pins!!

One thing that many girls forget to bring to their graduation is bobby pins.   Whether it is because your graduation cap doesn’t fit your head properly or it’s a really windy day out, bobby pins will help you keep that cap on your head.  Bring some spare because friends will most likely need them too.

  • Your Smile

You never know when the camera might be on you.  Candid photos are often some of the best photos instead of those posed photos.  Keep your smile on; it’s one of the most important days of your life anyway!

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Clara Ma

Clara Ma

Clara is a third year student attending the University of California, Berkeley currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Media Studies. Her school activities include being a captain on the Cal Dance Team, being a Campus Ambassador, as well as being part of THRIVE Dance Company. She enjoys living vicariously through others on the Internet, keeping up with pop culture on Tumblr, and watching a copious number of television shows (namely Sherlock and How I Met Your Mother).