What You Need To Know About Scheduling Classes

Although it only has to be done once a year, scheduling classes is always a stressful time for students. The preparation it takes beforehand and the troubles it can cause afterwards is just something that students shouldn’t have to deal with on top of their already-busy lives. But if you give yourself enough time to plan out potential choices before your enrollment date, the process won’t be a stressful one.

Some tricky things about scheduling are trying to fit in all the classes you want to take so they fill your major requirements, making sure none overlap one another time-wise, and fulfilling any required prerequisites. Mapping all of this out is like putting a puzzle together, so give yourself a couple weeks to weigh different class options. The more time you give yourself preparing, the more time you have to perfect your schedule just how you want it. This will give you plenty of time to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

Enrollment for my freshman year classes was done during our summer orientation, where I was completely lost and a student aid basically did it all for me. So when it came to enrolling for my sophomore year classes on my own, I freaked out. That’s when it dawned on me the purpose of an advisor: they are here to help me plan out my classes and future. So I made an appointment with my advisor and he showed me how I can plan out my desired classes online ahead of time so when my enrollment time begins, I can just click enroll and be done. I was amazed at how easy it was, but would have never known if I hadn’t met with him.

New students need to realize the important role an advisor will play in your college career—they’re there to help you make the best decisions and make sure you’re staying on track with the classes that are required for your major. This is important because if you are taking the wrong classes and don’t realize it, you may end up staying an extra year.

I’m sure not every school has the same scheduling process, but at my university we enroll by ourselves online, and everyone has a different enrollment time based off the number of credits they have; the more credits you have, the earlier you can enroll. This really works out to your advantage as you get older because classes fill up extremely quick.

As a freshman it’s likely you won’t get in to some preferred electives because you have the last straw in selection, so be prepared with some Plan B alternatives. There have been numerous times that I’ve had classes planned out but when it came my time to sign up, they were already filled. I wasn’t prepared for that and freaked out when I tried to find other classes that could fit into my schedule. So when you plan ahead, make two or three different schedule potentials, just in case you run into this problem.

Preparing in advance is the key to scheduling classes. By giving yourself enough time to have a handful of options, you’ll never be disappointed with the outcome. And don’t forget that your advisor is there for your benefit!

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Jordyn Timpson

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