When To Apply For College

Applying to college is an exciting process, but you need to make sure that you know all of the college application deadlines.

Finding out when to apply for college is a very important step in the college admissions process and has a lot of influence on which college you actually choose to attend.

Below I will explain the differences between Early Decision and Early Action when applying to a college, along with meeting the Regular Decision deadlines.

When To Apply For College

  • Early Decision

If you know exactly what college you want to attend and have no doubt in your mind that if you were to get accepted, you’d for sure go there, then you should apply for Early Decision.

So if you’re wondering when to apply for college and the above criteria applies to one of the colleges on your list, then applying Early Decision might be for you.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are admitted through a college’s Early Decision program, you have entered into a binding contract with that college.

Binding contract? This means that if you get accepted, you must attend this college next fall. So when you’re determining when to apply for college, keep these factors in mind if decide on applying through an Early Decision program.

When to apply for college (as in what month should I apply) if I’m sure I want to go the Early Decision route? A student who wants to apply for Early Decision should apply before November of their senior year.

  • Early Action

Along with Early Decision programs, there are also Early Action programs for students to think about when considering when to apply for college. Early Action admissions programs do not force students into a binding contract, but still allows them the peace of mind to know if they got accepted much earlier than the typical spring dates.

If there are a couple schools on your list that you’re really interested in and you’re wondering when to apply for college, applying through the Early Action program might be a good option for you. However, watch out for those deadlines around November of your senior year.

Another helpful hint for Early Action students is to make sure you also apply to other schools during the normal application deadlines; this allows you to have admissions letters from an array of schools to help finalize your decision.

  • Regular Decision

If you have no clue what school you want to attend at the beginning for your senior year, don’t stress out about when to apply for college because you have all the way until the spring to make a decision.

In fact, if you’re curious about what most people would tell you if you asked them when to apply for college, they’d tell you to go through the Regular Decision process. Most students tend to apply through Regular Decision because this allows them more time to perfect their standardized test scores, essays, recommendation letters, and application.

All colleges have different Regular Decision admissions deadlines, but most of them are either in February, March, or April. So when deciding on when to apply for college, keep these deadlines in mind so you can be on top of your game when it’s time to submit those college applications!

I hope this information helps you settle on when to apply for college!

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