Who Else Wants Their Child To Successfully Transition To College?

With Fall semester right around the corner, now is the time that most parents begin to panic, knowing that the inevitable is near. Yes it’s true…your son or daughter will soon be heading off to college without you.

In this post, I wanted to highlight 5 things that you can do to help your child successfully transition to college.

1. Separation Will Be Difficult

The first thing that you have to understand is that separation will be difficult…for BOTH of you.  Your child will have to adjust to a whole new life on campus and you will have to adjust to a whole new life back at home.

The sooner you realize and accept that the separation process will be difficult, the easier it will be to find other activities to help you cope with the separation like exercising or participating in new hobbies. This will also allow you to more effectively comfort your new college student who will also be nervous about separating.

2. What Is College?

Remind your son or daughter why they’re going to college.  College is more than just about academics, college will teach them to be independent, mature, confident, and focused.  They will also learn how to handle conflict and improve their social skills.  Also use this time to answer any questions they might have about the transition process.

3. Managing Finances

Talk to your child about responsibly managing their finances. Teach them about checking and savings accounts, credit and debit cards, and other related topics like student loan debt and credit scores.

Here are a couple of articles that will help you with this discussion:

1. Money Management 101 for College Students

2. What College Students Ought To Know About Credit Cards

4. Keep In Touch

You’ll want to check- in with your child (at least on a weekly basis).  This can be via phone, text, email, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, etc.  While your child will be off enjoying the college life and their new freedom, they will be glad to know that you’re still there if they need you.

5. Safety First

You’ll want to talk to your child about being safe on campus.  This is a conversation that you absolutely must have before they head to campus.  They should know the importance of keeping their dorm room locked, never traveling alone at night, and keeping their laptop secured when unattended.  These are just a few tips, for a complete list…read the following articles:

1. How To Stay Safe On Campus

2. College Drinking & Date Rape – Part 1

3. College Drinking & Date Rape – Part 2

What did you tell your son or daughter before he or she headed off to college?  Leave me a comment!

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Lauren Anderson is a certified school counselor who's passionate about helping students all over the world successfully transition from high school to college! After spending 6 years as a business professional, she obtained her Master’s degree in School Counseling and now spends her spare time helping students.

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