Why Campus Tours Are Important

Before you actually start applying for college, you should have a pretty good idea of what campus life is like for each of your selections.  The absolute best way to do this is to visit the campus in person and do a campus tour.

Most colleges and universities offer campus tour for first-time and transfer students.  To find out more specifics (i.e. dates, times, locations, etc.), you should call the school’s admissions office directly.

When’s the Best Time to Visit Campuses?

It’s best to attend campus tours during a normal school day.  A lot of big campus tours and events are held on the weekend and there is nothing wrong with signing up for these types of events, but they can limit your ability to get a feel for what campus is really like during the week.

Spring break is a great time to get a lot of campus tours out of the way because college classes are typically still in session and you don’t have to miss any of your high school classes.

What Are Campus Tours Like?

The majority of your tour will consist of walking around campus with a tour guide.  Your tour guide is typically a current student and he or she will familiarize you with the different buildings and residence halls on campus.  You can also ask any questions that you might have.

What Else Should I Do While On-Campus?

There are a few additional things that you can do to get a well-rounded perspective of the campus:

  • Some schools offer overnight programs where you can stay overnight in one of the dorms to get a sense of what it’s like to live there, what the students are like, and the accommodations.  You can also get a feel for what the food in the cafeteria is like.
  • Additionally, you can sit in on a class or two.  What are the instructors like?  How are the classrooms set up?  Does this feel like an environment that you would want to be a part of?
  • You might also be able to schedule an interview with a representative in the admissions office while you’re there.

Make sure you keep a pen and notebook handy as you visit each school so that you can write down your first impressions.  You’ll be busy visiting several campuses, so it could be really easy to forget all of the details.  After all, this information is likely what you’ll be using to make your final decision.

Good Luck!

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