Why Every College Student Needs a Pinterest Account

In general, social media seems to be a bit of a time sink.

You open up a textbook, browse a chapter, and reward yourself with a half hour of Facebook time. You’re about to start your homework, then someone Tweets to you.

You post pictures of your pile of papers on Instagram before you actually make a dent in them.  But you have to browse the filters first, to make it look artsy. Point is, social media is completely counterproductive… right?

Wrong! Pinterest is actually quite wonderful. And useful, especially for things that concern college students. Here are just a few things that fill the Pinterest universe.

So even when you’re completely wasting time, you’re really being productive. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we’re really pinning pictures of baby animals or ombre hairstyles.

  • Dorm decor

Pinterest is a mecca of all interior design.  Sure, a lot of the pictures on there are completely impractical and you curse your tiny space and the fact that you don’t have an underwater bedroom, but when it comes to practical ways to decorate your dorm room, Pinterest has the answer. From space saving, to wall decor, to color schemes to complement the drab wall color, Pinterest will have you feeling like the Nate Berkus of dorm design.

  • Recipes

College students are lucky if they have a kitchen in their dorm room.  College students are even luckier if they can afford to conjure up  a meal that resembles one that they would have back at home.  I, personally, can’t cook to save my life.  But that hasn’t stopped me from pinning recipe upon recipe, for pierogi lasagna to cream puff cakes, in the off chance that I get the urge to be super domestic.  Or I just get really hungry.

  • Money saving tips

Whether Pinterest gives you the instructions for DIY items that you’d normally spend a lot of money on, like laundry detergent or potpourri (I don’t know, maybe you do, no judgement) or tips to save money, it comes in handy for college students.  I found an idea on Pinterest to put a dollar in a jar every time I go to the gym.  Then when the jar is full, I’ll treat myself to something I normally wouldn’t buy myself, like a nice pair of Lucky Brand jeans.

  • Fitness Plans

Speaking of the gym, Pinterest is also chock-full of fitness plans that don’t require expensive gym memberships or even a lot of time.  College students tend to lack in both time and cash, so they definitely come in handy. There are even pins that link you to “Dorm room workouts,” fitness routines that can even be done in small spaces.  There are also plenty of pins for healthy snacks and alternatives to campus meals that don’t cost very much money.

If this hasn’t convinced you to invest some of your time in a Pinterest account, you can also follow TheCollegeHelper on Pinterest! It consists of everything on the site, plus some, all organized into easy-to-use pin boards.

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Carmen Bojanowski

Carmen Bojanowski

Carmen Bojanowski is a senior at Eastern Michigan University, double majoring in journalism and communications. She writes for her college newspaper, mostly covering local bands and interns at 89x, a metro-Detroit radio station. She frequents the movie theater and when she has free time, she likes spend it with her friends. Carmen hopes to one day be a music journalist.