Why Facebook Can Prevent You From Getting Into College

With the rise of Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other similar websites out there, I think it’s safe to say that social networking is here to stay!

With that being said, college-bound high school students must pay special attention to how they are representing themselves on these various social networking websites – particularly Facebook.

  • How Facebook Can Damage Your Reputation..

Facebook is a great tool (if used in the correct way). It allows us to easily and quickly communicate with our friends and loved ones. However, Facebook can also damage your personal, academic, and professional image if you are not careful. What does your Facebook profile say about you? Not sure?

  • Ask Yourself These Questions…

1. What do my profile descriptions and status updates say about me?

  • Do I use profanity?
  • Do I use improper English?

2. What do my pictures say about me?

  • Am I intoxicated in my pictures?
  • Am I wearing inappropriate or revealing clothing?
  • Am I making inappropriate or obscene gestures?

3. What do the comments on my wall say about me?

  • Am I using profanity and/or improper English?
  • Are my friends using profanity and/or improper English?
  • Are my discussions typically immature and childish or just plain ‘ole inappropriate?

4.What assumptions (positive or negative) would people make about me based on my Facebook profile?

5. How comfortable would I feel if my parents saw my Facebook profile?

6. How comfortable would I feel if a college admissions committee saw my Facebook profile?

If you feel even slightly uncomfortable with your responses to any of those questions, then it’s time to make some changes to your Facebook profile.

  • Colleges Are Paying Attention…

Most colleges have not formally incorporated Facebook into their admissions process, but they will research students as concerns arise. According to U.S. News, 33% of colleges are somewhat likely to revoke an offer of admission if there is an inappropriate web posting that was brought to their attention. I think it’s safe to assume that Facebook will eventually become a formal part of the admissions committees review process. Employers have already started screening applicant’s Facebook page prior to granting interviews.

  • What If I Just Change My Privacy Settings?

Yes, you can change your privacy settings to make your information visible only to certain individuals, BUT your privacy settings sometimes get reset when Facebook makes an update to their system…so do you really want to have the stress of not knowing when all of your “private” information could all of a sudden become public for all of the world to see? I guess you could do that, but it’s probably much easier and a lot less stressful to get rid of any inappropriate stuff.

  • It’s Always on the Facebook Server!

Here’s something else to keep in mind…even when you delete your information, it will still always be backed up (stored) on Facebook’s server. Scary, huh? I know. By no means am I trying to take the “fun” out of Facebook, but I am trying to protect your future. Bottom line, just be careful with the information that you reveal on Facebook.

  • What Colleges Are Saying…

Don’t believe me when I say that colleges are starting to pay more attention to Facebook? Take a look at what these college admissions committee members have to say on this topic:


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