Why Get Involved in College?

In a tough economy, students need more than just a college degree.  Students now need to not only have experience, but also be involved in extracurricular activities.  By choosing the right ones, students can gain a lot from extracurricular activities, like friends and experience, instead of just using it to boost their resume.  Here is a list of some ways you can get involved, that not only look good on a resume, but also are things you will actually enjoy doing.

Go Greek

Joining a sorority or a fraternity scares a lot of college students and/or their parents because of the poor reputation that is often associated with them.  Sororities and fraternities involve so much more than the social aspect.  There are positions to hold and you have access to a ton of people that have studied the same major as you and can offer advice.  Aside from that, it is a great way to meet a lot of people on your campus and form great relationships.


No matter where you volunteer or for who, it looks good to future employers.  On top of that, it makes you feel good for helping others.  It is also a great way to figure out what you are passionate about.  It might even help you figure out what you want to study.

Join a Club

Having friends that take the same classes you do can be really helpful.  By joining a club that relates to your major you will meet people that can give you advice on classes or teachers to take, make friends that are at the same point in the major as you and also help out younger students.  Joining a club is great for networking and looks great on a resume especially if you hold a position on the executive board.

Be an RA

Being a Resident Assistant helps you learn leadership, how to handle many different issues and also saves you money by covering the cost of housing.  Employers are definitely impressed with RA’s because it does take a lot of work and time in college and teaches you many things that can make you a better person.  Also, spending so much time with other RA’s can lead to lifelong friendships.


When you do well in certain classes, you can apply to tutor others.  This looks awesome on your resume because it shows that you not only did well in classes but you also can effectively explain challenging concepts to others.  It also looks good to future employers because it shows that you are willing to put in that extra time and effort to help others understand things.

There are many different ways you can get involved while in college and most are beneficial for personal development as well as for your resume.  Find what you enjoy doing and are passionate about and get involved that way.  Don’t be afraid to try something new because you may find out what you really enjoy doing, make some lasting relationships and learn valuable skills.

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Laura Szatkowski

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