Why Traveling Can Prepare You For College

I have always loved to travel since I was a child, but I didn’t realize until I matured how my experiences would affect me in the future.

When I got to Michigan State University, I was overwhelmed by a diverse college culture, but as a result of traveling, adapting was easy.

Traveling before college is a great way to expose yourself to different cultures, traditions and influences. Upon arriving at your college campus, you will surely be bombarded by a diverse culture you may not be accustomed to, but traveling will help you embrace this new experience.

All my life my family traveled around the United States. From Arizona to Florida, the whole country was our playground.

I noticed cultural differences at a young age. I will never forget my first time to Texas with my dad seeing men and women dressed in cowboy boots and large belt buckles, and no—it wasn’t Halloween, but rather every-day life.

Seeing the way even people from other areas of your country operate is valuable to experience prior to arriving on campus. Universities attract students from every corner of the globe, so if you never open yourself up to other lifestyles and traditions, you’re in for a culture shock.

Now, traveling doesn’t have to mean backpacking through Europe. Traveling can mean visiting nearby cities, states in your region, traveling the country or going abroad. Going somewhere new that helps you gain a new perspective is considered traveling in my book.

In many ways I have learned more traveling within the borders than I did internationally because it was easier for me to relate to people in different areas of my home country.

For instance, now that I am a college student getting ready to think about where I might want to live as an adult with a job, seeing places from Texas to Chicago helped me witness different lifestyles I could fit in with.

However, traveling abroad is possibly one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as well.

I’ve visited Spain, Morocco, Canada and recently the Bahamas. Each country shed light on interesting cultural differences and similarities to the United States, and also peaked new interests in me.

As a junior in high school my Spanish class went to Spain for an educational trip. I now recognize this as one of the most significant experiences in my life in helping me prepare for college.

In a college setting people from many backgrounds are mature and comfortable enough to express their culture, which was something I was able to preview while in Spain.

We visited eight cities during our journey through Spain, each just different enough to display unique attributes. While in Granada I even learned interesting dieting techniques that came handy in college, (trust me).

In Granada lunch was the biggest, most important meal of the day, and dinner was less significant. Translating this to America and our culture means attempting the famous health trick of not eating heavily at night.

See, traveling can help you realize cultural similarities and more importantly differences that can help you improve your life.

On my trip to Morocco, I witnessed the importance of conservation, an important concept to grasp now as a college student on a budget.

The citizens of Morocco were modestly dressed, spoke elegantly, and were conservative with their goods and money, as I saw in the town market.

Translation: I probably don’t need to order Dominoes every weekend and then complain about being a broke college student.

Get it?

Overall, being a worldly person is important to come into college with an open, accepting mind. Bearing witness to a myriad of cultures will adequately prepare you for the people of many backgrounds you’ll encounter in college.

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Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet

Madeline Fetchiet is a sophomore at Michigan State University, studying journalism and philosophy of law. Aside from reporting, Madeline enjoys tae kwon do, reading, writing, researching and traveling, and can be considered a music enthusiast. Madeline currently works as an intern for thecollegehelper.com, and is a banquet server at Travis Pointe Country Club in Ann Arbor, MI. Perfecting the storytelling side of reporting is something she looks forward to in her future career as a journalist.
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