Why You Should Take a Communication Arts Course

When registering for college classes, you might think you should only take classes relating to what you want to major in. Why would an English major take calculus? Why would a math major take biology? College is a great time to explore your interests, so you should take a few random classes here and there. I took a philosophy class my freshman year and, although I had no interest in philosophy, I learned a lot and really enjoyed the class. But I believe there is one type of course every college student should take: a communication arts course.

What exactly is communication arts? It is a field of study dealing with the process of human communication, including everything from face-to-face conversations to texting. Through studying these processes, you gain a better understanding of how messages are interpreted in different contexts. Why is this important to doctors, scientists and journalists alike?

Everyone Needs to Communicate

Regardless of your field of study, being able to clearly communicate with others is essential in day- to- day activities. Giving a presentation may seem simple, but you need to know how to deliver the information in a way your audience understands. If a mechanical engineer gives a presentation to a room of music majors and uses only engineering jargon to explain his project, chances are the audience will not understand half of what he or she says and there will be a lot of questions later. Taking a communication arts class gives you the knowledge to present any type of information in a way that is easy for everyone to comprehend.

Leaders are Communicators

Do you want to be the head of a student organization or be the go-to person for your group project? Being in a position of leadership requires the ability to communicate with different types of people in different ways. It is important to understand what to discuss over email and what to talk about in person. When dealing with multiple people in a group, you come across many different communication styles. A communication arts course touches on different styles of communication, preparing you to work well with the shy and quiet or the loud and upstanding. If you want to be a leader, you need to radiate confidence when addressing a large group of people. Public speaking classes are an easy way to practice and develop your public presence.

Your Future Depends On It

It is important to gain skills that are directly relevant to your major; engineers should understand processes, architects should be able to design and journalists should write well. But today’s employers are looking beyond those types of skills in search for people who can communicate effectively. Applying for a job is all about different types of communication; your resume is written, phone interviews are spoken and face-to-face interviews are the presentation. Once you get a job, your employer will expect you to be able to communicate with people inside the workplace and out. A lot of careers involve speaking with clients or patients. Communication arts helps you develop the skills needed to present and understand information and emotions in any situation. These are the skills you will use for a lifetime.

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Caitlin Furin

Caitlin Furin

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