Why You Should Use ‘Rate My Professors’

It’s safe to say that I owe part of my GPA to Rate My Professors.

In fact, I’m pretty sure one of their representatives may have to come up on stage with me when I receive my diploma.

What Is It?

Rate My Professors is a website where students from colleges and universities all around the nation leave feedback about their professors once the semester is over.

The students rate the professor on how helpful and clear they were as well as how easy the class itself was.

They can also include more specific comments about class dynamics and other aspects not covered by the rating scale.

The thing about Rate My Professor is that while it’s incredibly useful and an important tool to use when deciding what classes to take, it’s essential that you know how to use it properly.

To do this, you have to read the comments section of the ratings and understand what they mean.

    • Easy A’s– Many students will flat out tell you when a class will be an easy A. This usually means that there’s minimal work and attendance isn’t required.However, be careful not to pick classes simply because you want an easy grade, classes like these can also be extremely boring because the professor clearly doesn’t care enough to actually teach. It’s better to be challenged and actually learn something than to get an A but have no idea what the class was even about.
  • Consider the subject– Another thing students usually include in their comments is how many tests or assignments are in a particular class. If you’re looking up a professor that teaches a very difficult class and you see that he only grades you on a midterm and a final, you should probably reconsider. While the thought of only two tests sounds great, think about it: do you really want your entire semester to be based on just two grades? On the other hand, if you see that a class that you’re really interested in is being taught by a professor that’s boring, it might be best to look for a different one. Sometimes even the best subjects can be ruined if they’re taught wrong.
  • No Ratings– I’m always wary of professors with no ratings at all. Although they could turn out to be great, they could also be terrible and there’s just no way to know. Unless it’s a class that you absolutely need to take and nobody else is teaching it, you’re better off passing it up. Most of the time, someone will get around to rating the professor, so check back often.
  • Take it with a grain of salt– Like any other time when people are asked to review something, you have to realize they’re all just giving their opinions. It’s happened to me twice that I was forced to take a professor with horrific ratings and they turned out to be my favorite professors of all time. I’m not even exaggerating. Going back and reading their ratings again, I realize most people complained that they were “too hard” or “not understanding enough,” but that’s really code for “I didn’t want to put in the effort so, I got the grade I deserved.”

Of course, some professors really are terrible at their job and the bad ratings will be warranted, but make sure you read thoroughly and read between the lines of the negative comments.

The idea behind Rate my Professors is to help students make an informed decision when choosing their classes. The majority of the time, the site does what it sets out to do, but it requires you to put in some effort and learn to use it correctly.

Also, please don’t forget to return the favor and rate your professors! Everyone deserves to know about that one teacher who throws a pizza party at the end of the semester!

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Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza

Mercedes Espinoza is a senior at Florida Atlantic University pursuing a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Although reading is her first love, writing is a close second and she can usually be found with her nose in a book or hunched over a laptop typing away. Outside of school and work, she’s interested in all things fitness as well as continuing to grow an already massive nail polish collection.