Why You Should Use Twitter In College

If you don’t already use popular social networking site twitter.com, now would be a good time to start. It is an easy way to connect with people and stay up to date on entertainment and news—all of which are very important things to do in college.

Chances are you are already on FaceBook and are under the impression that you don’t need both. FaceBook is more about connecting with people you already know, whereas Twitter can help you connect with people outside of your average circles.

Here are some aspects of Twitter that will make having an account worth your while.

Trending Topics

Twitter offers a unique feature called hashtags in which users type a pound sign (#) followed by a topic that other people may be talking about. For example during the presidential election, many tweets regarding the election would conclude with “#election2012.” This allows users and news sources to be able to click on the hashtag and see what others are saying about that topic.

This is a convenient way to browse what topics are currently being talked about so you can be informed as well. It also allows you to connect with other people who are talking about the same things you are.

Get Information

Most large organizations use Twitter, so it is a great way to keep up to date on their announcements. You can choose whom you wish to follow and therefore the information being tweeted on your feed will be relevant to you.

You can follow local or national newspapers in order to have segments of news stories tweeted to you rather than seeking them out. You can also follow your school’s sports team or any clubs you are involved in and you will always be informed on their latest announcements and dates of events. It is literally the best way to follow various organizations. Twitter is also great for personal use so you can stay posted on what your friends from home are up to—people tend to post more often on Twitter than they do on FaceBook.


If you follow the right Twitter accounts relevant to your aspired future career, you have the potential to network with people who could help you get a job or succeed later in life. If you intelligently tweet about things going on your field, you could be building a portfolio that future employers will look at and judge you off of. Also you could tweet at people already in your field and possibly be discovered that way or find out about internship or job opportunities via larger companies’ Twitter accounts.

Professional Database

While Twitter is a fun social network site to be on, don’t get carried away with tweeting irrelevant or inappropriate things. For reasons stated above among others, you should try to keep your Twitter more professional than colloquial. It is hard in college not to share unprofessional pictures on FaceBook or write tweets with inappropriate language. Things you post on the Internet are public and not everything in your life should be available to the public.

Anything you write on the Internet can and will be used to judge you in the future by employers. Your Twitter has the potential to be a collection of pointless anecdotes from your life that don’t always make you seem appealing in the professional world or it could be an intelligent compilation of your thoughts and ideas. Make sure to choose and stick with the latter.

Make a Twitter account and use it wisely to get connected to society in a way that could greatly benefit you. At the very least give it a try and I can bet you most likely won’t grow disinterested and deactivate it anytime soon.

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