Winter Break is Over? Adjusting Back to the Grind

So a lot of us, myself included, are going to have to go back to the rigors of academia on Monday. And of course over the break most likely your mind has been turned to goop over doing nothing. Mine certainly has from staying up till one in the morning watching Friends episodes.

While the relaxation is much needed, going straight from the long, laid back break to the grind of school can be a major shock to you and can take awhile to adjust. To minimize the shock, here are some steps you can take at home before you go back to school.

Get Up Early

I got lucky in that this upcoming quarter my earliest class is at noon. However, I’m sure most of you have an early morning class at some point in your upcoming schedule, 7 am at worst, 9 am at best.

Over the break, college students tend to stay up late, and then naturally get up late. This cycle can’t last if you have an early morning class like most people do.

So it’s best then to get used to a better sleeping schedule before you head back to school. Go to bed somewhere between 11 and 12 pm and then get up at like 7 am to 9 am.

Let me tell you, last year at this time I had a 7 am class four days a week on my schedule. I didn’t get on a good sleeping schedule before I came back to school, and it was very hard for me to adjust to the schedule. I was very tired for every class, and frankly I was lucky that the class was really easy because it was almost impossible to concentrate in the morning.

A good sleep schedule is very important.

Get Your Textbooks Early

Unless you’re waitlisted for a bunch of classes (which is very likely given public school inefficiencies), then you probably know what your schedule is going to be next quarter/semester.

So what you can do is order the textbooks online to make sure you get your textbooks before you head back to school. If you do this then you can read ahead to be prepared for the material and get your brain used to studying again.

That way, it’ll be a little a lot easier to focus when you need to start studying at school again. This is especially important if you’re on the quarter system like I am, since the midterms start coming fast.

Review Previous Material

Some of you have majors/minors that require you take classes that build on one another, like the next highest math class. Like moving on from Calc 1 to Calc 2.

If you’re taking one of those classes next semester/quarter, then what you should do is review the material from the previous class you took last semester/quarter. Reviewing the textbook, notes, homework, even doing some practice problems would be good ways to get yourself prepared for the next level class.

Because after all it is assumed you already know everything from the previous class. Be prepared.

I know none of this sounds like fun stuff to do at the end of Winter Break. Hanging out with family and friends is obviously a lot more fun.

But, if you want your semester/quarter to start off right, then the best way to do so is to shake off the rust from a month-long break and start prepping yourself for the everyday rigors of school again.

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