What To Write Your College Essay On

The essay portion of college applications is one of the most crucial parts of getting accepted to a school. This is a chance for a university to get a sense of who you really are and better understand your reasons for applying to their college. The following information with help you decide what to write your college essay on.

There are several standard essay topics in which you should expect to see on most college applications. In order to help you be prepared for when the time comes to write essays for college, we’ve put together a list of common essay topics that you will see on college applications.

4 Essay Topics That Colleges Look For

Extracurricular Activities

When deciding what to write your college essay on, one of things that colleges look for is that you were involved during your high school years. They want to make sure that you did more than eat, sleep and homework during these four important years.

People choose to write their college essay on different things in this category, but it should always be something that you are passionate about and influenced you in some way. Whether it is being involved in a sports team, being a member of a school club or participating in community service, colleges want to see what you spent your time doing when you were not in school.

Past Experiences

Another common topic that you should consider when deciding what to write your college essay on is something that impacted you in your past and shaped you into the person you are today.  Many times students talk about things that have challenged them in the past and caused them to grow as a person. Overcoming past challenges and obstacles show the representatives of colleges that you will be able to do the same in the future.

Whether you write about an injury you had to recover from or traveling to a country where you didn’t know the language, it is important to write your college essay on experiences that helped you become the person you are today.

Future Goals

Another topic that tends to be on students’ radar when thinking about what to write your college essay on is your future plans or goals. For example, you should ask yourself why you see yourself fitting into the specific university, why you chose your specific major and what you plan to do after college. These are all things that admission representatives want to hear.

When I was applying to colleges I talked about how I was a part of the morning announcements at my high school through the television production class, and how that led me to choose to major in broadcast journalism.

Unique Qualities

One of the best things you can do when writing a college essay is to stand out. The admission representatives read thousands of essays during the application season, and you don’t want them to pass up your application because it is too similar to the person before you, so also consider highlighting a unique quality when deciding what to write your college essay on.

Try to write about something that makes you unique from most other applicants. Universities are always trying to make sure their student body is diverse, so you need to show them how you are different from the average student.

The essay portion is an extremely important component of your college application. Besides picking an essay topic that will help the admission representative paint a clearer picture of who you are, you should also make sure you thoroughly proofread and edit your essay before sending it in.

Admission representatives reading these essays have very low tolerance for spelling and grammar mistakes, so make sure you read it over a few times and correct any errors you find. It is also beneficial to have a peer, teacher or parent read it over as well, because you may not always catch problems and a second glace never hurts.

I hope this helped you decide what to write your college essay on. Good luck!

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